Expectore Zone Nataša Šarić & Thierry Guitard

October 18th - 24th, 2004

Exhibition by fashion designer Nataša Šarić and Thierry Guitard, strip author. While creating the character of Spector, a handicapped superhero, Thierry Guitard, reacts to stereotypes produced for mass consumption. Although artists collaborating in this project use different language and media such as comics and fashion design, Nataša Šarić and Thierry Guitard both draw their inspiration from pop culture. Thierry Guitard interprets classical narrative on superhero primarily produced for an adolescent male audience, as a manifestation of an ambivalent relationship between law and order in a broader context of the western type of modernism. The fashion industry which is focused on the ideal of female beauty, in the manner similar to the canonic story on a traditional superhero, is the subject of Nataša Šarić’s contribution to the show. Under the title Expector zone, planned as a supporting program to the Belgrade Fashion Week, exhibition displayed in O3ONE from the 18th until the 24th of October 2004, involves directly in the issues of fashion industry, investigates the boundaries of verbal and visual narration and transfers fixed image from the media of comic books into the area of fashion design. This exhibition has been realized thanks to the courtesy of Thierry Guitard, and collaboration and exchange between this author and Belgrade fashion designer Nataša Šarić during the past several years.