Sound Meets Visual In Contemporary French Art Exhibition

October 6th - 16th, 2004

DIS-SOLUTIONS … sounds meet visuals in contemporary French art, October 6th – 16th, 2004. O3ONE and SKC Galerija Cécile Babiole, Arno Fabre, Maider Fortuné, Joachim Montessuis Curated by Anne Roquigny, Host curated by Vladimir Tupanjac Production by AFAA, Dis-patch 2004, O3ONE and SKC Gallery Dis Solutions are dedicated to the French art scene as a result of intensive co-operation between Dis-Patch festival and curator Anne Roquigny. The exhibition is exploring creative aspects of the implementation of new and digital technologies, their production and consummation at the end (or beginning) – and the critical thinking about their presence in our surroundings. Different conceptions, styles and technological approaches have influenced the selection of artists. Cecilé Babiole is reversing the mechanism of ideological appropriation of new technologies. Arno Fabre is deconstructing the principle of combining electronic/digital samples, allowing drops of water to create the sound ambiance. Maider Fortuné and Joachim Montessuis are presenting different models of interaction of video surveillance with sound, from intimate performance presented through minimalist video, to the demonstration of software that synchronizes multiple sound and image sources (through an installation and a “live act”).