Zbigniew Karkowski & Helmut Shaefer

October 5th, 2004

Multimedia exhibition by the Designers’ Group of Serbia “FormArt” entitled “Dodirni, Touch it” from Belgrade with guests from abroad (India, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Lebanon, Australia… ) is a part of the official program of Belgrade Design Week, which is the following program of the II Euroregional Conference DANUBIUS DESIGN in the “O3one” Gallery, from the 5th until the 9th of October 2005.  The theme of the conference “Tradition and Innovation” would be at the same time the theme of the workshop which would be organized by FormArt during the exhibition with domestic and foreign designers attempting to answer the question: How local tradition provides inspiration for a global/ modern/functional object, and whether it remains local or does it become universal cultural heritage?

The aim of the Workshop “Coca-cola hangout w/recycling” is to design new functional objects by using both new and used PET bottles and cans of Coca Cola, connecting designers through teamwork, attracting the eye of the public to the design and cultural heritage of our country, as well as raising awareness of the need to preserve our natural habitat. FormArt desires to achieve innovation through a reaction to tradition.

Members of FormArt have established excellent cooperation with foreign designers, and want to transmit their positive experience, and to initiate new cooperation, contacts, projects, inspiration…

Ksenija Jakić, Serbia
Katarina Nikolić, Serbia
Snežana Krejić, Serbia
Giuseppe Finocchio, Italy
Dinesh Korjan, India
Aiste Zalatoriute, Lithuania
Alexander Medawar, Switzerland
Marco Tinajero, Mexico
Hector Alvarez, Mexico
Gabriel Grajales, Mexico
Rasa Baradinskiene, Lithuania
Justin Caleo, Australia

author, organizer of the exhibition, idea, and design:

Ksenija Jakić

co-author, digital video and image editing:

Katarina Nikolić

co-author, associate:

Snežana Krejić


Concert of Zbigniew Karkowski
O3ONE October 4th, 2004 at 21h

Artist-talk – Zbigniew Karkowski/Helmut Shaefer
O3ONE October 5th, 2004 at 18h