Che Exhibition

Mihael Milunović
November 24th - December 8th, 2004

The exhibition Under Che investigates possibilities and modes of revolutionary activity in the digital era, relationships between principles of guerilla fighting and network society, new social logic, and philosophies of resistance. The main issues concerning artist Michael Milunović are mechanisms of cultural appropriation, modes of actualization of a myth, and ambivalence it manifests when employed in different discursive fields.

The guest artists are Zbigniew Karkowski, Dorijan Kolundzija, and Mitar Marinović.

In one of the episodes of Simpsons, Tito Puente in the role of Latino working in the USA, sings in a bar with a cynical title «Chez Guevara (Palacio de Danza Cubana)». is it true that what is left today of «comandante» Guevara, is only brand used in spirits labels or names of bars and restaurants: Is his image standardized trough photography by Alberto Korda, applied at the wall of Cuban Palace of Justice, or in tattoos of tough guys such as Mike Tyson and Diego Maradona, the only part of his legacy that can still be recognized… or it should be searched for in visually uncommon place, in the Zapatists masks and antiglobalists inspired by their movement…

Stevan Vuković

Excerpt from catalog Under Che

Michael Milunović, a visual artist, received his BA and MA degrees at the Faculty of Arts in Belgrade. Specialized at L’ Ecole des Beaux-arts de Paris. Holder of several awards in the field of arts: Fund Renoir, Memorial of Nadežda Petrović, and others. Milunović has been exhibiting across Europe, in France, Austria, Italy, Spain. His works can be found in several prestigious collections: a permanent collection of Museum Ludwig in Vienna, Pallazzo Forti in Verona, Moet&Chandon in Reims, etc.