Dorijan Kolundžija

January 27th - February 15th, 2005

Dorijan Kolundžija, author of the exhibition Feel free to touch the screen, will present his work within the framework of contemporary art and recent developments in technology-related research that might inform art. The focus will be put on the relation between art and new technologies, the development of interactive installations and physical computing. The relation between art and new technologies, interactive installations, and physical computing.

Lecture and exhibition tour, Dorijan Kolundžija.

The project presents a complex system that visually appears as a big digital aquarium. Digital, computer-generated creatures seem to occupy the whole interior space of the object. The very appearance of the object makes the viewers touch the screen and start the interaction. The movement of the viewers induces reactions of the creatures, which show the ability to behave in a very complex manner. Using the animals (or forms that suggest animals) as a personification of technology, this project aims to investigate the interaction between the viewers and not just animals but technology as such.

Saturday, February 12th, 2005 at 17h

We invite all interested to attend the lecture on Saturday and participate in an open discussion with the author.