Design and Activism in Serbia

February 18th, 2005

A panel session with a theme of social and political agitation in the former Yugoslavia is an important part of the program accompanying the exhibition with a focus on the complicated history of graphic responses to the breakdown of Yugoslavia. The main aim of this panel is addressing the issues of the more global context of the exhibited material from different standpoints of a diverse circle of professionals. The discussion should attempt to contribute to the proper contextualization of concrete manifestations of political and social activism in the nineties, and their role in visual culture, as much as the effect of publications such as Graphic Agitation in the wider understanding of the phenomenon.

Panel participants:
Milena Dragićević Šešić, Professor, University of Art
Liz McQuiston, Graphics Designer and Professor, Royal College of Art, London
Veran Matić, Chief Editor, RTV B92
Ana Miljanić, Editor, Center for Cultural Decontamination
Borut Vild, Graphics Designer, Museum of Contemporary Arts

February 19th, 2005 at 16h

Leading through exhibition and lecturing – Liz McQuiston, Visual Communication, and Social/Political Agitation

In addition to panel and exhibition, part of the project is the promotion of the book Graphic Agitation 2: Social and Political Graphics in the Digital Age, Phaidon, 2004, by author Liz McQuiston, she will hold a lecture on the change in tactics of resistance in the O3ONE Art Space and she will show new strategies of activism in the digital age, but also the concept of the book itself.

Liz McQuiston is the author with a significant number of books on graphic design and related topics – her most famous book on design and politics, are Graphic Agitation, Graphic Agitation Two, Suffragettes to She-Devils, and Women in Design. For more than twenty years she has been engaged in graphic design. She attended lectures and administrative positions in education, including the position of Head of the Department of Graphic Arts at the Royal College of Art in London. She holds lectures all over the world and recently has been the curator of the British Council exhibition called Upfront and Personal: Three Decades of UK Political Graphics, which deals with British political graphics, has been shown in South Korea and South Africa.