Visual Communication and Social

Political Agitation
February 19th, 2005

Apart from panel and exhibition, the presentation of the book Graphic Agitation 2: Social and Political Graphics in the Digital Age, Phaidon, 2004, is an important part of the project. Book’s author Liz McQuiston, will hold a lecture in O3ONE Art Space, addressing the issues of change in strategies of resistance in the digital era, as well as the concept of the book.  Liz McQuiston has authored a substantial number of books on graphic design related subjects – her best-known mix design and politics, including Graphic Agitation (with Graphic Agitation Two published in 2004), Suffragettes to She-Devils and Women in Design. She maintained a graphic design practice for more than 20 years and in education has held teaching and management posts ranging from vocational level to Masters level, including the post of Head of Department of Graphic Art and Design at the Royal College of Art. She lectures internationally and most recently curated an exhibition on UK political graphics for the British Council entitled Upfront and Personal which opened in South Korea and South Africa.