Rundek Cargo Aspects

Cargo Aspects
March 29th - April 3rd, 2005

As an accompanying program of the concert of the Rundek Cargo Orchestra in the Sava Center, on the 2nd of April 2005, a multimedia exhibition opens in the O3ONE Gallery, which illuminates other, less-known creative aspects of the work of this ten-member band, which includes experimental visual and audio artists, as equal members. Rundek Cargo Orchestra emerged on the tracks of exploring the musical traditions of the Balkans, Central Europe, and the Mediterranean, and their fusion with reggae, South American rhythms, and contemporary electronic music, in building specific hybrid music creations.

At the same time, they have a typical pop character and leave significant space for improvisation and play, online with formal music experiments. “Rundek Cargo Aspects” demonstrates how the principles of the experiment in music are transferred to a wider field of culture, and result in sound and visual installations, and the specific image of a group that through its activities largely breaks through the standard frames of the musical, and general cultural industries.

The exhibition provides a unique sound environment in which various types of visualization of ideas about creative transporters in the field of culture, including video essays, photographs, digital slides, and prints. Their character and genre determination vary in a very wide spectrum, documenting the work of the group, as well as the wishes, dreams, and visions of its members. The authors of the works that make up the segments of the exhibition are Vedran Peternel, Nedžad Ajkić, Biljana Tutorov, and Nebojša Babić, as well as Darko Rundek himself, and many others photographies authors who are on the official website of the Orchestra and on an unofficial website called Secret Town.

The exhibition “RUNDEK CARGO ASPECTS”,

O3one GALLERY, Andricev Venac 12
from March 29th until April 3rd, 2005
Opening: Tuesday 29th at 19h