The Dream About Passion

March 17th, 2005

ZIt is our pleasure to announce that on Thursday, March 17th, 2005 at 20h in O3ONE Gallery at Andricev Venac 12, promo of Lee Strasberg’s book The dream about passion-methodology of actors play will take place; this book was published by Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Institute for Theater Studies, Radio, and TV, translated by professor Radomir Bajo Šaranović. Professors from this Faculty Mr. Gordana Marić, Goran Marković, and Darko Bajić will talk about the book, the author and his METHOD.  Author of this book, Lee Strasberg is famous American pedagogue, and actor, founder of Ector’s studies- school of acting, where famous names such as Paul Newman, Merilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando and many other famous names of American movie and theater-trained themselves. This book is a special documentary about the history and development of American acting, but also a document about improvement and innovation in the technique of acting play. Lee Strasberg is an inevitable figure when we talk about the art of acting today, and the creator of, nowadays, already a well-known school of acting. Through vivid and immediate recollection of very beginnings, the author reveals us also the secret of his pedagogical practice and producers skill how to deal with actors.

Published by Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, and translated by the former experienced professor of film directing Radomir Baja Šaranović, this book becomes inevitable reading for all those who wish to handle film and theater seriously.


More than an important book for those who wish to deal with acting. Strasberg helps critiques and theater lovers to comprehend the problems that the actor must resolve and shows exhausting processes that are an integral part of this job.
(Minneapolis Tribune)

The book becomes the founding stone for acting play.
(Los Angeles Times)

Compulsory book for every young actor, but also to older ones, and for all those who deal with this matter.
(Paul Newman)

All our theater wouldn’t be so vital and ambitious if there wasn’t for the influence of one single man.
(Elija Kazan)

Majestic memories that go from Eleonor Duze to Stanislavski, memories of the whole constellation of people in the theater and of the movies that made our century famous.
(Sofija Loren)

…now also in our language (in Serbian), this masterpiece will become an inevitable part of literature about upbringing the actors and producers. Institute of theater, film, radio, and television, translation Prof. Radomir Bajo Šaranović. About the book, Li Strasberg, and his METHOD; Mr. Gordana Marić, Goran Marković, Darko Bajić.