Device Art

April 5th - 17th, 2005

“…How the idea of the constituted western subject is breaking down under concerted network attack — we are linked to others, our works are not separate from the others, all cultural production is inherently co-operative and now, for the first time in four hundred years or so, that is becoming clear again…” – Jamie King Jamie will also present London based MUTE Magazine The Mute magazine was founded in 1994 to discuss the interrelationship of art and new technologies. Together with the web platform Metamute, it now contributes more broadly to debates on culture, politics, and globalization. In 2001, Mute initiated sister projects OpenMute and YouAreHere to share the internet tools and knowledge associated with its development (OpenMute), and to support local networking initiatives in the East End of London (YouAreHere). At this point, Mute also committed itself over the long term to a participative working model, the principles of open organizations, and free software.

Jamie King ( is a writer and musician living and working in East London. He is Information Politics Editor at Mute Magazine ( ) and currently a Fellow of the University of Minnesota’s Design Institute researching the intellectual property and the politics of creativity. Jamie has recently completed a Ph.D. studying the history of the Internet and is currently working on a novel. He is also a member of the Geneva03 collective ( ) who together organized 2003’s Live Stream from the G8 Summit and the WSIS? WE SEIZE! events around the World Summit On Information Society. Jamie writes and publishes extensively on the subjects of IP, communication and radical politics. He is a member of the infamous Free Audio collective ANTIFAMILY ( ) whose recent release Prima Luce is out soon on Difficult Fun Records.

Lectures and workshop are realized in cooperation with New Media Center –, with support of British Council Belgrade.

Artists: Tomislav Brajnović, Vuk Ćosić, Davide Grassi, Lina Kovačević, Dubravko Kuhta, Ivan Marušić Klif, Tomaž Pipp, Borut Savski, Sašo Sedlaček, Berislav Šimičić, Marijan Vejvoda, Silvio Vujičić, Branko Župan, Borbe Robota, Mladen Hrvanović, Dragan Rajšić, and Zoran Dimovski.