In the Wake of Portuguese Navigatiors

Michael Teague
May 9th - 24th, 2005

In the Wake of the Portuguese Navigators
“And if there had been more world, would have reached it.”
Camoes, The Lusiads, VII, 14 These photographs are part of a collection I have made throughout the years while tracking the sea routes of the first Portuguese navigators and discoverers during the great Age of Discoveries. My journey included thousands of miles crossing many countries and became one true odyssey as I continued my research around the world from Brazil to Japan.

I hope this synopsis of the thousands of sceneries I have seen in my voyages may tell a part of the history of one deed and one heritage that goes as far back as the beginning of the 15th century when, with extraordinary courage and adventurous spirit, the Portuguese left for their epic voyages of discovery and, in the century that followed, explored more than two thirds of the maritime globe.

In the modern times, also of amazing discoveries in the distant space, it is important to remember that the qualities demanded of an astronaut do not constitute new human values and that, in the course of many generations, great men have been revealing the mysteries of the unknown to the men that are their brothers.