Creativity and Commercialism at British Vogue

June 18th, 2005

Meera Kumari is a Graphic Designer at British Vogue with over 5 years of experience gained working for some of the UK’s leading consumer magazines.  Drawing on her personal experience and examples from British Vogue, the world’s leading fashion magazine, Meera will give a presentation on magazine design and design-related issues. How do cover design, image, and typography combine to motive a purchase? How can designers make sure their work is creative, but also commercially viable? In an age where we are surrounded by images, how can we make them striking and memorable?


Title: Magazine Design: Creativity and commercialism at British Vogue

Speaker: Meera Kumari, British Vogue, and local guest contributorsAudience: Graphic designers, creative directors, editors, publishing industry professionals, design students

Places are limited, and due to high demand at past events please confirm your attendance by email to as soon as possible. This workshop is organized by Design Serbia, a new initiative supported by USAID Serbia Enterprise Development Project, that aims to promote the commercial use of the design in Serbia. We would like to thank our partner the O3ONE Gallery for their support, and Meera Kumari for supporting the initiative by coming to this event.

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