Previously Unreleased

Uroš Đurić
June 18th - 26th, 2005

Cultural identities are never immediately given. They are always constructed based on complex discursive practices and formed with sets of paradigms and basic role models, such as cultural celebrities, contemporary heroes, leaders of new artistic streams. Uroš Đurić is one of a few contemporary artists from Central and Southeast Europe that have inflected the heritage of historical conceptualism with a structuralist approach to the world of art and a clear populist agenda, disclosing how the art system works in reality.

He has used conceptual techniques to critique standards imposed on an artist by academia and by the media, combining two diverge strains of conceptualism, defined by Rosalind Krauss as relating to private expressive self, or rejecting it and dealing with the system.

His work in general, using various media, such as painting, photography, installations, and performances deals with the logic of presentation and reconsiders the position of the artist in various segments of the art system: the galleries, museums, criticism, the market…

He also recycles various historical and contemporary manners of work in contemporary art, getting into dialogue with them, filtering them through his idiomatic style of work, and redefining their meaning by connecting them to new and different referential systems.

The “Previously Unreleased” provides a kind of a “Bonus show” for all those who have followed his career in the last decade and a half and a good intro to those that have not. It consists of the remixes of works started at the time, and never up to today finished.

Quite some times it is more the works that are omitted from being presented in solo art projects that open up new ways of thinking and working in the cultural field than those which fit perfectly together. This exhibition consists of those miss-fits in uric’s work.

Stevan Vuković

Under the title of “Previously Unreleased”, in the frame of “Populistic project”, which artists develop for several years through media of conceptual photography and painting, installation and performance. The project examines the relation of popular culture, media and contemporary art in the process of branding artists and placing them on the market of artistic ideas and the art market as well as the impact of the on the cultural industry on visual perception. In a populist framework, taken from the music industry, Đurić will present as a kind of alternative “Best of Uroš Đurić” a series of his works from the (1993 – 2003) period, which due to different circumstances did not reach the public exposure.

Information for hunters & collectors:

Uroš Đuric (1964) lives & works in Belgrade.

His works were exhibited in Secession Wien, Museé d’Art Moderne St. Etienne, Kunsthalle Fridericianum Kassel, Kunsthalle Wien, Sammlung Essl Klosterneuburg, Julia Friedman Gallery Chicago, 2META Gallery, Bucharest Sammlung Essl Klosterneuburg, The Old Town Hall Praha, 2META Gallery Bucharest, Espace Auteuil Paris, <rotor> Galerie Graz, Gallery of Contemporary Art Celje, Museé Ariana Geneve, Cankarjev Dom Ljubljana, Forum Stadtpark Graz, National Gallery Tirana, MUMOK Stiftung Ludwig Wien, Museo Della Ceramica Manlio Trucco Albisola, Gallery Marino Cettina Umag, Galerie Valerie Cueto Paris, Zacheta Gallery Warszawa, Behemoth Gallery Praha, Art/31 Basel, Jeu de Paume Paris, Hôtel Van de Velde Bruxelles, Black Black Gallery Budapest, Centre Cultural Tecla Sala Barcelona, Musee des Beaux-Arts Verviers, Art Gallery Maribor, AAC/C.ART.A Bratislava, ATA Center for Contemporary Art Sofia, SKUC Gallery Ljubljana, De Marco European Art Foundation Edinburgh, ImmoArt Gallery Antwerpen, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade…

He collaborated with: Gerald Matt, Stevan Vuković, Lorand Hegyi, Thomas Mießgang, René Block, Gabrielle Mackert, Harald Szeemann, Iara Boubnova, Marina Gržinić, Edi Muka, Zoran Erić, Margarethe Makovec, Anton Lederer, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Branislav Dimitrijević, Eva Ursprung, Ivan Mecl, Elke Krystufek, Marko Lulić, Nedko Solakov, Branislava Anđelković, Tiziana Casapietra, Roberto Constantino, Darka Radosavljević, Victoria Combalia, Lubomira Slusna, Jelena Vesić, Karolina Ziebinska, Raymonda Moldova, Dejan Sretenović, Lidija Merenik, Jasmina Čubrilo, Marc J. Hawker, Ješa Denegri…

His works are in collections of Sammlung Essl Klosterneuburg, Julia Friedman Gallery Chicago, MUMOK Stiftung Ludwig Wien, Galerie 1900-2000 Paris, Gallery Marino Cettina Umag, ATA Center for Contemporary Art Sofia, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade Behemot Gallery Praha…