Good by Saša

July 1st - 10th, 2005

On Sunday, when a grand donor dinner is organized under the sponsorship of UNICEF and the last, farewell game of Saša Djordjević’ game with friends, at the O3ONE Gallery in Andrićev Venac 12, a multimedia exhibition named “GooD BY SAŠA”. The idea of the project itself is to present to the public the whole life and work opus of one of our biggest basketball aces, Aleksandar Saša Đorđević. Through lots of private photos, sports success, humanitarian actions in the form of video works, documentaries, collage attachments… is a line of development, success and sports career of basketball players, a great humanitarian worker and ambassador of Unicef, Saša Đorđević. During the five days of the retrospective exhibition, an accompanying program will be organized, such as Media Day, Unicef day, the press conference for the lasts game. The entire revenue generated during the project period is intended for Unicef and his Children without Violence program.

Project: GooD BY SAŠA

(Aleksandar Saša Đorđević – life on the basket field)

O3ONE Gallery
From the 1st until 4th of July, 2005