Rob Myers

July 27th - August 8th, 2005

Rob Myers is part of the Free Culture and Free Software movements. His work builds directly on the work of others and is freely available for others to build on in turn. All his art is available under a Creative Commons license, and all his software is available under the GNU General Public License.” painter”, shown for the first time at the O3one Gallery, is a program that uses colors and photographs from the Internet to create abstract art that is free for other, human, artists to use. “draw-something” also creates original art, but it does so according to simple rules as part of an attempt to understand how artists draw.

Rob’s software mirrors the way he makes the electronic images that he is also exhibiting. Sources as diverse as high modernist art, nuclear war simulations, concert posters and internet “smileys” are remixed to create images of the world around us and the hidden relationships within it.

Links: – the O3one Gallery – All my art, Creative Commons Licensed.
http://www.robmyers.orgt/weblog – Free Culture and Generative Art blog

Supported by the British Council

Rob Myers in the O3one Gallery from July 27th until August 8th, 2005 (Andricev Venac 12, Beograd)
Opening on July 27th, at 20h.
Public lecture on July 29th, at 20h.