Emerik Fejes

August 9th - 22nd, 2005

Emerik Fejes (1904 – 1969), a protagonist of urban scenes in naive art, was one of the most important naive artists of his time.

Although coming out of the tradition of naive art that is mostly connected to the fiction and expressive in the subject, Fejes has created modern urban landscapes. His tempera, gouaches, drawings, and sketches have, therefore, become part of the collections such as the one of Museum Charlotte Zander (Bonnigheim, Germany); Susi Brunner Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland), Gallery Elke und Werner Zimmer (Dusseldorf, Germany), etc. His artistic vision of towns, squares, and facades reveals an urban spirit but his artistic _expression stays connected with the tradition of naïve painting. His position in the tradition of naive art in Serbia is quite peculiar, and it was initially supported by famous local academic artists Tabaković and Mamuzić. They were the first to discover in Fejes’s work the approach similar to poetics of outstanding modern artists such as Klee and Kandinsky.