Vladan Srdić
August 24th - September 3rd, 2005

Loneliness. Emptiness. Isolation. Fear. Stress. Confusion. Manipulation. No time, no feelings, no trust. Crowds. Brands. Consumerism. Competition. Global markets. Real virtuality. Virtual reality. Money, sex and shopping malls. One could say: Do we live or just exist? The concept of this Communications project is the individual in the crowd of the 21st century. In a form of short but vivid graphic messages (let’s call them the real “unreal”), it is an ironical overview in manipulation and demagogy of today’s society.

Walking the thin line between graphic design, advertising, and fine arts, Communications are dedicated to resolving some of the “truths”:

Where to grow atomic gardens?
What is the commercial value of individuality?
What should I wear today?
Influence of superheroes in everyday’s life.
Global terrorism versus individuality.
A short guide to brain decoration.

Key-terms: Irony, cynism, humor, advertising and subversive communication, visual-culture domination, exposure of social “pollution”.


Born in 1972, Belgrade, Serbia. After graduating from the Faculty of Applied Arts, Vladan Srdić has worked as an art and creative director in advertising agencies Saatchi&Saatchi (Belgrade, Ljubljana), Young&Rubicam (Ljubljana), and freelance for clients from Germany, Canada, Slovenia, Serbia, UAE. For the past 6 years, Vladan lives in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana. From 2003 he runs a creative boutique THESIGN (www.thesign.org.uk).

Srdić won many awards in domestic and international festivals, including Golden Griffon, Golden Drum, Best of Bates, Magdalena, SOF, Nagoya Design Do, Golden MM, May exhibition, EPICA, Mladina.

He was published in distinguished books and magazines in the field of visual communications: Graphis Magazine (New York), Novum Magazine (Munich), New Moment (Ljubljana), Mladina (Ljubljana), Kvadrat (Belgrade), This is a magazine (Milano), Graphics Books (New York), PIE Books (Tokyo), Rockport Publishers (USA), Rotovision Books (London), and took part in more than 35 exhibitions worldwide, including 4 solo-shows. Vladan Srdić is a member of ULUPUDS, ICOGRADA and Art directors club of Serbia.