Discovering Senses

September 25th, 2005

Dear all,
You are invited to see a short experimental film “Discovering Senses” by Biba Vicković on September 25th, at 20:30h in the O3ONE Gallery, Belgrade.‘Discovering Senses ’ has been accepted for the Film Fest New Haven tenth anniversary of motion pictures works and will be shown as a part of the Experimental and Animated Shorts Programme in the Criterion Cinema New Haven’s premier independent art film house//Yale College – New Haven, CA, USA.

The event in the O3ONE Gallery will be streamed directly from 9:00 pm, which will enable the guests of the Film Fest New Haven to see a life of what is going on in Belgrade online.

Apart from the streaming of this event, all the guests in the O3ONE Gallery will also have an opportunity to chat online with the guests of the Film Fest New Haven. All our guests with their laptops with wireless connection will also be able to chat with the guests of the Film Fest New Haven.

And last but not least, dear guests, please don’t be late for the film!