Recoil Performance Group
September 29th - 30th, 2005

The recoil performance group presents GRENZSTADT. A hybrid media performance linking Copenhagen and Belgrade. Via a live audio/video link, musicians, dancers, and audiences from the 2 cities synchronize an audio-visual performance bridging the 1330 kilometers and 5 borders between them.  Recoil works in a generative art form, wherein performers and digital media combine in a communicative and balanced relationship. Our interest is in exploring how digital technology relates to our experience of reality and examining the cross-pollination of the human body and digital technology. In close collaboration with a group of Serbian artists, Grenzstadt overcomes distance to take us a step further in our exploration of performance and real-time art. Grenzstadt is a collaboration of the Junge Hunde festival in Kanonhallen, Denmark and the electronic music festival Dis-patch (, gallery 03one in Belgrade.

Choreographer and dancer: Tina Tarpgaard Music/sound: Pelle Skovmand
Camera: Jonathan Somer

Belgrade (O3one Gallery)
Dancer: Dragana Bulut
Music/sound: Rastko Lazić
Camera: Srđan Radmilović