The International Day of Peace

September 21st, 2005

The main aim of the project is bringing the attention of the general public to the importance and the role of peace in society. With this project, we also want to promote non-violent behavior and stimulate the citizens to actively participate in cherishing human values in our society. In a long term, the aim is to have as many as possible agents participating in the celebration of the 21st of September, The International Day of Peace, so that it would in the next years get to be a traditional communal and general manifestation. The humanitarian aspect of the project comprises of collecting financial aid to the House of Children without Parental Care “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj” in Belgrade. Our aim is also to spend a beautiful, unforgettable day! The International Day of Peace will initiate also the First Festival of Healthy Food in Belgrade when the citizens will have a chance to taste an assortment of vegetarian food and get acquainted with fantastic tastes for a symbolic price. Ethnomusic from the whole world will be played, local bands will be playing, public personalities will tell their thoughts on the topic of peace, and the visitors will have a chance to tell their thoughts on the topic of peace and answer the questions like What makes you calm and what makes you upset? Some answers will be read publicly during the celebration, and all collected answers will be used for the panel on the peace that is being planned for the end of the year. In O3ONE Gallery there will be a lecture on the role of an individual in the peacemaking process in the society, held by an instructor from the Art of Living Foundation, and by the end of the day ten most distinguished individuals in public life will from their own angle/art, sports, humanitarian activism, education, media, philosophy, politics / talk on the ways to contribute to peace in the society.

12h:: Opening ceremony in Pionirski Park and Press conference in the O3ONE Gallery
12h – 18h:: Healthy food festival, messages of peace, live music and Ethno sounds from all over the world in Pionirski Park
13h:: Promotion of the NVO project, Kiosk Photographic Workshop for young from the Southern Serbia in the O3ONE Gallery
17h:: Lecture on the role of an individual in the peacebuilding process in the O3ONE Gallery.
19h:: Panel on the topic: What is my contribution to peacebuilding? Public figures from the fields of philosophy, politics, media, education, art, sport. The O3ONE Gallery.
20h:: Cocktail at the O3ONE Gallery

organizations: O3ONE Gallery, NVO the knowledge of life; sponsors: National Office of President of Republic of Serbia; supported by Secretariat for Culture of the City Assembly of Belgrade