September 19th - 20th, 2005

Half a year after the last album Evolution, on the 19th and 20th of September in the O3ONE Gallery, the VROOOM band will be caught in a moment of personal evolution. For that reason in the gallery space will not be shown a complete work, but, on the contrary, only an image of the result of the work in the process of creation in the group, with hints on the causes that have up to one-moment influence certain consequences. The fruit of this work is music, but its presentation in contemporary society, with contemporary means, makes it, together with the creators themselves the BRANDNAME VROOOM a product that places itself onto the market. All these, propagandistic means of presentation, as, for instance the work of authors whose starting point is the music of the band VROOOM (Miloš Vujisić: 2D animation on the topic of EVOLUTION, as a moving scenery for the Vrooom concerts; Damjan Radovanović: his last video clip for the song Too less time; Vladan Srdić and Miloš Vujisić: graphic design of the posters advertising for the band; Milos Vujisić: TV commercials; Fashion house Saint: fashion photos of the members of the band and their costumes; Dušan Murić: choreography for the dancer and the moving image; Aleksandar Žikić: critical review of the musical opus.), inevitably become a part of experience of the audience during the time of consuming the music, and as that a filter of a kind that gives her new quality, by enriching or vitiating it (or both). This show aims to disclose the whole process of making a BRAND, and of communication of a kind, on one spot, in one moment of development, to grow, bear as it is, into a brave new world in the minds of the audience. We will do anything to make our product survive both scenarios.

The O3ONE Gallery, on September 19th and 20th, Wrooom: Evolution