Ballettikka Internettikka 2001-2005

October 9th - 13th, 2005

xTkH Center for the Theory and Practice of Performing arts (Belgrade)

Intima Virtual Base Institute for Contemporary Art (Ljubljana)

The conceptual and performative complexity of this exhibition is to shift the boundaries of comprehending artistic actions; this project relies on contemporary technology, wast documentation and brings a certain risk in, as containing a performance that is to attack one of the most important local cultural institutions (so far, the institutions attacked were the Milan Scala, Bolshoi Theatre in Moskow, etc.). The direct broadcast of the attack the audience will have a chance to view from a safe distance, in the O3ONE Gallery. The exhibition, that will be also mounted there, is focused on a series of multimedia (and) internet-based artistic projects(actions and performances), titled Ballettikka Internettikka, produced by the Intima Virtual Base (see, realized in the period between 2001 and 2005, concluding with a performance Ballettikka Internettikka BEO Guerrillikka that is to be realized within the frame of the Belgrade exhibition.

Igor Štromajer (Ljubljana, 1967) 

He graduated from the Faculty of Drama, Radio, Film, and Television in Ljubljana. He mostly works in Ljubljana.
Štromajer is an intimate mobile communicator, multimedia artist. He examines tactical emotional states and traumatic low-tech emotional strategies. His works are presented on more than a thousand exhibitions and festivals in 42 countries, which are awarded (Moscow, Hamburg, Dresden, Belfort, Madrid, Maribor). As a guest lecturer, he lectured on numerous universities and contemporary art institutes in Europe, the USA, and Canada. His works are part of permanent collections of Centre national D’art et de Culture Georges Pompidou – Musée national D’art moderne, Pariz; The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid; Modern Gallery, Ljubljana; Computerfinearts Gallery – net and media art collection, New York, and part of the permanent exhibition The Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg (Germany). Since 1996 he leads Virtual Base Intima – contemporary art institute (HYPERLINK “” Virtual Base Intima is the artistic mark for low-tech tactical emotional communicative art, contemporary art, and sound research. Basic Intima substance: ascetic and interactive aesthetic. Keywords for all activities are isolation and asceticism. This implies intimacy, which is also emphasized in the name of this artistic brand.

Brane Zorman (Ljubljana, 1962)
composer, producer, sound-tech-manipulator,
freelance artist, compositor

As an independent artist and compositor, he composed and edited more than 30 theater and dance shows, films, videos, internet projects, and sound installations. He edited the first music CD in Slovenia (1992), and the first music DTS environment for a theater play in Slovenia (2001). He is the lead author of the BeitThroN project. The BeitTHroN project is as important as one of the pioneers of the techno-electronic-dance scene in Slovenia. As video and audio artist he cooperates with Irena Pivka on the CONA/ZONE project – a series of audio-video projects dealing with conflict situations of modern social relations in migration, human trafficking, social, cultural and physical boundaries, conflicts between individual and social, minor and essential.

Brane Zorman Vs BeitThroN also works with internet artist Igor Štromajer on the world-famous Ballettikka Internettikka project which represents a series of tactical art projects which started in 2001, by researching internet ballet.

Ballettikka Internettikka 2001-2005, EXHIBITION
Ballettikka Internettikka – BEO Guerrиllиka, INTERNET PERFORMANCE
Ballettikka Internettika 2001-2005 | exhibition – 09-16. 10. 2005.
authors: Igor Štromajer and Brane Zorman (in cooperation with Davideo Grassia)
curator: Ana Vujanović
executive producer: Jelena Knežević
co-producers: Virtual Base Intima HYPERLINK “”; HYPERLINK “” and TkH-center

location: O3ONE Gallery, Andrićev Venac 12, Belgrade
the exhibition opening and presentation 09. 10. 2005./20:00h

Ballettikka Internettika: BEO Guerrиllиkka | illegal office internet ballet performance – 13. 10. 2005./21:00 GMT+1;
internet ballet operators: Igor Štromajer and Brane Zorman
compositor: MC Brane vs. BeitThroN vs. Thronus Sound System
curator: Ana Vujanović; theoretical advisor: Bojana Kunst
executive producer: Jelena Knežević
co-producers: Virtual BAse Intima and TkH-center
location: X (will be revealed on 13. 10. 2005. at 20:50h)
micro-location: office of Art Director X – GPS width 44.79345 N, length 20.45340 E, the height of the field 110 m
live broadcast of the performance in the O3ONE Gallery: assembly at 20:50h; 20-minute duration
live broadcast at

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