November 28th - December 3rd, 2005

The Oris Idea exhibition was created from the wish of the author of the magazine for architecture and culture Oris to gather and present sketches, picturesque drawings of the author whose works were published in some of the magazine editions. The first exhibition was organized on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the publication of Oris, and the works of those architects who contributed to the development of the magazine and took part in his life were presented, and their work was not published in the magazine.

Oris’s editors seek to make the project in the magazine as complex as possible, and this certainly includes sketches from the first, very important phase of the creation of the project, most often the decisive part of the architectural creative process. Presenting these sketches on the exhibition shows all the complexity, diversity, stratification and beauty of the most creative period of work on the project.

In this case, the sketch is defined as the drawing that occurs most often in the initial phases of the work on the project or later serves for its ad hoc illustration. Such illustrations reflect the maximum creative charge when it is best to see the artistic and creative potential of the author.

The sketch is with the project the most obvious artistic expression of the architect. To present his idea, he uses various techniques of drawing, collage, watercolor and computer displays. These first ideas, the architect does not want to turn into a separate work of art. As the scaffold serves the builder, sketches serve architect to visualize his ideas in the first stages of the project.

We dedicate an exhibition of Oris Ideas to all ideas that have never experienced their realization but only left a picture on paper in search of its three-dimension.

Andrija Rusan and Ante Nikša Bilić, Oris magazine editors

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgarde;
Arhitekst and Oris magazine, Zagreb/Ljubljana;
O3ONE Gallery, Belgarde, and
Faculty of Architecture in Belgarde

Opening of the exhibition Oris Ideas, original drawings of world architects from the collection of magazines for architecture and culture “Oris”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade. Saturday, November 26th, 2005, at 13h.
The exhibition lasts until January 16th, 2006.

The exhibition hosts:
Mister Tonči Stanić, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia, Belgrade
Mrs. Jadranka Šturm Kocjan, Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia, Belgrade
Mister Đorđe Bobić, Chief Architect of the City of Belgrade

Exhibition of title pages and printed materials of the Oris magazine, 28. 11 – 3. 12. 2005.
Opening: Monday, 28. 11. 2005, at 20h
O3ONE Gallery, Andrićev Venac no.12, Belgarde
Conversation: How to create a magazine for architecture, Monday, 28. 11. 2005. at 18h.
O3ONE Gallery, Andrićev Venac no.12, Belgarde

Lecturing: Randić-Turato (Rijeka): Transition Architecture
Faculty of Architecture in Belgarde, amphitheater, Friday, November 25th, 2005 at 18h

The Oris Idea is an exhibition of original drawings and sketches of world-renowned architects whose works or interviews were published in the Oris magazine (Zagreb/Ljubljana). This exceptional collection, already – with great success – has been exhibited in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, and Austria.

In addition to Oris and the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia and Slovenia, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, the Office of the Chief Architect of the City of Belgrade, the O3one Gallery and the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade.