Maxi On Paper and In Objective

February 20th - 26th, 2006

The Maxi supermarket competition for best drawing and photography lasts until the end of January 2006. Conditions for drawing:
– format: A4 or block 5
– topic: interior, exterior or parts of Maxi supermarket
– technique: free (pens, wooden pens, wax crayons, tempera …)

Conditions for photography:
– format: 35x40cm
– topic: Maxi exterior
– Photos can be processed in Photoshop

On the back of the envelope, write the information: name, surname, address, phone. Send the papers to the address: Delta Maxi, Maxi marketing, Takovska 49, 11 000 Belgarde.

The best participants expect an exhibition that will be opened on 20th February at 19h in O3ONE (Andrićev Venac 12). There will also be valuable prizes for winning first, second, and third place.


For best draw:

  1. place – computer
  2. place – music woofer
  3. place – bike

For best photography:

  1. place – camera
  2. place – photo camera
  3. place – bike

…and sweet packages for the fourth, fifth and sixth place.

«Maxi on paper and in the lens»
February 20th – 26th, 2006