Mileta Prodanović
March 13th - 25th, 2006

The framework of the exhibition “Brandopolis” is the position of “brands”, signs, trademarks, as well as consumption in general, in a contemporary society marked by overall globalization and resistance towards it. Cycle “Brandopolis” has two groups of works, the first one is a series of works on paper (watercolors executed traditionally) which combine, as the quotations, well-known images of towns from the old paintings (Rennaisance, Byzantine, Islamic-Mogul miniatures, etc.) with logos of more or less famous companies and products. This cycle, with the addition of some digital works, to be produced, will be exhibited in the O3ONE project space in March 2006.

The complementary group is the series of photographs that explore the presence of a certain image/symbol/brand, the “White Angel” from a thirteen-century fresco from a medieval monastery (Mileševa), in Serbian society and current cityscape. At the beginning of the last decade of the 20th century, with the rise of nationalism in Western Balkan states, that particular image had been established as a kind of unofficial national emblem of the Serbian nation. Photographies register different, sometimes “improper” contexts (phone cards, labels for beer, pencils) in which one can find that iconic image in today’s Serbia. That group of works will be exhibited simultaneously to the formerly mentioned one, in the SKC gallery, in March 2006.

Both cycles include video-works made on the same conceptual basis.

Mileta Prodanović
Painter, writer and art critic

Born in Belgrade in 1959.
Studied architecture and painting. He graduated from the University of Arts in Belgrade – School of Painting in 1983. M. A. at the same School in 1985. Special Post-graduate course at the Royal College of Arts in London 1988-89.

1983-1990 – Free-lance artist.
1990- 1996 – an assistant at the University of Arts, Belgrade – School of Painting.
1996- assistant-professor at the University of Arts, Belgrade – School of Painting.
2000-2001 – lecturer in “Studies of Culture and Gender” – AOM, Alternative Educational Network in Belgrade
2000 -2002 – vice-dean of the School of Painting (University of Arts), Belgrade.

Exhibits since 1980. – More than thirty One-man exhibitions in various galleries in ex-Yugoslavia and Europe. Group shows in Italy (Venice Biennial), Germany, Switzerland, Austria, etc. He also curated several exhibitions of Yugoslav contemporary art.

Publishes essays, art criticism and fiction since 1982. Comments (culture, war, politics) in various newspapers (Borba – Naša Borba, Dnevni Telegraf, Radio B-92, Danas, etc.)

Books (all in Serbo-Croatian):

– Dinner at St. Appolonia’s (novel, Belgrade 1983)
– New Cluny (novel, Belgrade 1986)
– Travels along Paintings and Labels (short stories, Novi Sad 1993)
– The Dog with the Broken Spine (novel, Belgrade 1993)
– Miasma (poems, Belgrade 1994)
– Celestial Opera (short stories, Belgrade 1995)
– Dance the Monster on my Gentle Music (novel, Belgrade 1996, second edition 2000), translated into Spanish (Castilian) and published in Barcelona 2002
– Red Scarf, the Silk One (novel, Belgrade 1999)
– This Could Be Your Lucky Day (Belgrade 2000 – two editions, also published in Zagreb 2000)
– The Eye on the Road (short stories – travel fragments, Belgrade 2000)
– The Older and More Beautiful Belgrade (essays on visual aspects of Milosevic`s rule in Serbia, Belgrade 2001, second edition 2002)
– Garden in Venice (novel, Belgrade 2002, second edition 2003)
– Alicia in the Land of Sacred Carps (novel, Belgrade 2003)

Since 1995 his books are published by “Vreme Knjige – Stubovi Kulture”, a publishing house in Belgrade.

Awarded by various prizes – the most important and most recent:
1993. Belgrade, “Lazar Trifunović” national award for art criticism, 1996. Belgrade, Literary grant “Borislav Pekiñ” for the book project
1996. Belgrade, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts – “Ivan Tabaković” award for the best one-man show in Belgrade (given bi-annually)
1999. Belgrade, UP.”Cvijeta Zuzorić”, The prize of 40. October Salon (the major Serbian annual exhibition of fine arts)
1999. Novi Sad, Gallery “Zlatno Oko”, Grand Prix in the II international Biennial of art projects
2003. Belgrade, The City of Belgrade Award (for literature, given for the novel “Garden in Venice”)

Some texts, short stories, and essays translated into English, German, Polish, Hungarian, etc… Short stories and fragments of the novels included in various anthologies of Serbian literature. The most recent: “The Prince of Fire – An Anthology of Contemporary Serbian Short stories”. Univ. of Pittsburgh Press, 1998.

One of the founders of the “Belgrade Circle – the association of the independent intellectuals” (in 1991). Member of editorial boards of the magazines “Belgrade Circle” and “New Moment” (magazine for visual arts). One of the founding members of the “Writers Forum” – the society of independent authors in Belgrade, in 1999.

Lives in Belgrade, Serbia.


1981. BELGRADE, Gallery SKC
1983. BELGRADE, Youth Cultural Center Gallery, Canticum Canticorum,
TUBINGEN, Gallery Studio D
1984. ROMA, Nuova Galleria Internazionale, Viaggio
1985. TUBINGEN, Ingrid Dacic Gallery, Legende vom Unechten Kreuz
LJUBLJANA, SKUC Gallery, Sigillum Templi
1988. BELGRADE, Museum of Contemporary Arts, DUBROVNIK, “Sebastian” Gallery
1991. BELGRADE, “Sebastian” Gallery, Hierarchies, SARAJEVO, Youth Center Gallery, Fiftieth day
1993. PANCEVO, Modern gallery of the Center for Culture, Prefigurations
1995. BELGRADE, National Museum, exhibit. in the cycle The Experiences of the Memory, BELGRADE, ULUS Gallery, Darkness
1996. VRSAC, Concordia, Stance
1998. BELGRADE, Gallery of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, The Praise to the Hand
2004. BELGRADE, “Beograd” Gallery, Rolling Skies
2005. REGENSBURG, Kunstknoten – Atelier Am Weifang, Visitations


1981.DUSSELDORF, Kunstmuseum, Workshop of the Belgrade Student Cultural Center, LJUBLJANA, SKUC Gallery, Workshop of the Belgrade Student Cultural Center
1982. BELGRADE, Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Mladi ’82
1983. BELGRADE, Showroom of the Museum of Contemporary, Art of the Eighties
1984. ROMA, Nuova Galleria Internazionale, Il Viaggio
1985. NURNBERG, Kunsthalle, (LINZ, Neue Galerie der Stadt Linz – 1986), 3. Internationale Triennale der Zeichnung, FERRARA, Sala Boldini, Pittura Fresca – Immagini di Transavanguardia Yugoslavia
1986. ROMA, Galleria SALA 1, Lo Spazio: Belgrado, (Bajić, Krnajski, Stevanović, Prodanović), VENEZIA, Yugoslav pavilion, XLVII Biennale di Venezia
1986-87. GRAZ (Kunstlerhaus und Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum), WIEN(Hochschule fur Angewandte Kunst), KLAGENFURT(Kunstlerhaus), SALZBURG (Salzburger Kunstverein), Junge Kunst Aus Jugoslawien
1987. BRATISLAVA, PRAHA, Mlade Juhoslovanske Umenie, ATHINAI, National Gallery, Contemporary Painting and Sculpture from Yugoslavia
1989. SARAJEVO, Olympic Center “Skenderija”, Yugoslav Documenta’89
1989-90. CARCASSONNE, Musee des Beaux-Arts, (LES SABLES D’OLONNE. Musee de l’Abayr Sainte-Croix, TOULON, Musee d’Art), Avant-gardes Yougoslaves
1990. GRAZ, Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, XXV Internationale Malerwochen in der Steiermark
1991. SIEGEN, Kunstverein, KUNST-EUROPA, GRAZ, Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Kunstlerhaus, TRIGON ’91 – “8X2 aus 7”
1992. AARAU (CH), Aargauer Kunsthaus, “8X2 aus 7” Kunstlerinen und Kunstler aus Ost-und Westeuropa, PRAHA, Vytvarny sin Manes, “8X2 aus 7”, Umelcy z Evropy, LEIPZIG, Specks Hof, “8X2 aus 7”
1993. KREMS, Kunsthalle Krems, Das Geschlossene System, the project of the Austrian artist Johanna Kandl
1994. BEOGRAD, Happy Gallery of SKC and NEW MOMENT art review, Walter Benjamin in Belgrade
1995. BEOGRAD, Youth Center Gallery, The Map Room (curated by B.Andjđelković, and B.Dimitrijević)
1997. THESSALONIKI, Helexpo – European Capital of Culture, Orato/Aorato (Visible-Invisible, Contemporary Yugoslav Art)
1999. WIEN, Museum fur Angewandte Kunste und Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, Stop the Violence, DIDYMOTEICHON (GR), 6th International Meeting of Artists
2001. BELGRADE, Showroom of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Art of the Eighties – A Brief Retrospective
2004. VIENNA, Secession
2004. BELGRADE, 25th May Museum, Continental Breakfast

Both exhibitions also include video works on the same conceptual basis.

«Brendopolis» by Mileta Prodanović
March 13th – 25th solo exhibition

opening on March 13th at 20h, O3ONE 
March 13th, at 19h, SKC Gallery

Mileta Prodanović