Belgrade Festival of New Communications
April 3rd - 9th, 2006

Belgrade New Communications Festival B-link is an initiative of the O3ONE project that shows and supports all creative and innovative tendencies for working in the web environment, primarily in the areas of experimental artistic creativity, web design, and online business. The first edition of the Festival is a manifestation that will, with its character, introduce the Belgrade audience to some of the most important aspects of web development at the moment and announce the future international festival of competitive character. The structure of this year’s Festival is of a revision type and it was formed within two parts: business and art. Both continents will be followed by a historical overview of the development of the Internet, with prominent events that have shaped modern civilization over the past decades. B-link will bring some very important personalities from the world of web design to Belgrade.
Throughout the Festival, it will be possible for all events to be watched through streaming at www.b-link.org.

Every day

12:00-16:30 BIZTALK
Lectures, promotions, forums, web conferences in the field of business application of the Internet.

17:30-19:30 LOADING
Discussions, discussions on the topics: art and new communications, the process of creating a website, web art, motion graphics.

19:30-21:00 NETWALK
Professional guiding through art categories: artistic achievements on the web, web video, cartoon and narration, motion graphics and 3D navigation and innovation in the field of technical achievements, sound, and music on the web.

Live performances, net remix, audio communication.

Net radio streaming.
Marko Stoimenov, project manager, 063-647-212, e-mail: marcco@b-link.org
Milica Pekić Conev, project coordinator, 011-3238-789, e-mail: milica@b-link.org

Belgrade Festival of New Communications
O3ONE on April 3rd – 9th, 2006.
www.b-link.org / info@b-link.org

Opening on Monday, April 3rd, at 20h