Audio visualization of the Artificial Immune System
April 17th, 2006

FUGUE [www.fugueart.com] is the result of a collaboration between artists, new music composer and computer scientists. The result is an on-going project which provides a new way of communicating complex scientific ideas to any audience. Immersive virtual reality and sound provide an interactive audiovisual interface to the dynamics of a complex system for this work, an artificial immune system. Alongside providing the greatest immersive effect currently available, this technology offers the potential to control and calibrate particular audio-visual elements.  Gordana Novaković is the Computer Science Department’s first Artist-in-Residence. Gordana’s collaboration with the Department began in 2004 when she sought a technical partner for her Arts Council England Individual Grant ‘City Portrait’. In 2005 she was awarded a Leverhulme artist-in-residence Fellowship at UCL, and also an AHRC/ACE Art and Science Fellowship with Dr. Peter Bentley as the collaborating scientist.

Gordana belongs to the generation of artists who pioneered electronic art. Originally a painter [University of Arts in Belgrade, 1969-1974], with 12 solo exhibitions to her credit, she has more than 20 years’ experience of developing and exhibiting large-scale time-based media projects, such as Infonoise. A constant mark of her work throughout her experiments with new technologies has been her distinctive method of creating an effective cross-disciplinary framework for the emergence of synergy through collaboration.

During her residency, Gordana will work closely with Dr. Peter Bentley, Anthony Ruto, and the Australian composer Rainer Linz, on the interactive artwork Fugue. Also, the team will collaborate on a new scientific tool for the audio visualization of the immune system. Gordana will also attend departmental seminars and other research events, and she hopes that her interactions with members of other research interest groups inside and outside the department will open up further interdisciplinary opportunities. A forthcoming exhibition in the new Computer Science building will show some of her large-scale paintings, along with documentaries of her previous projects, showing the evolution of the ideas behind her current work.

Gordana was awarded for the project:
Arts Council England Individual Grant in 2004; Arts and Humanities Research Council/Arts Council England Art and Science Fellowship (Dr. Peter Bentley Principal Applicant as a collaborative scientist) in 2005; Leverhulme Artist in Residence Grant in 2005.

Monday:: April 17th, 2006 :: 18:00h

Gordana NOVAKOVIĆ:: University College London/Dept. of Computer Science::

ART & SCIENCE: FUGUE – Audio visualization of the artificial immune system::