Invest In Serbia

April 11th, 2006

European investors have ranked Serbia among the top 25 investment opportunities globally in 2003. For companies that seek to start or expand their businesses in this region, Serbia is the place to be, for many reasons. Serbia and Montenegro is the only country outside of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) that enjoys a free trade agreement with the Russian Federation, offering customs-free access to its market of 150 million people! This alluring fact is and will remain one of the key drives for companies to locate their production facilities in Serbia. Nevertheless, this is just a fragment in the new Serbian business landscape. Serbia is in the middle of the Southeast Europe Free Trade Area that provides duty-free access to a potential market of 55 million people. The local – Serbian market itself is among the largest in the region (7.5 million people). Moreover, the Serbian economy grew by 7,6% in 2004 and is expected to sustain high growth rates, which led to a significant increase in purchasing power and expansion of the domestic market.

The Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency – SIEPA, created in 2001 by the Assembly of the Republic of Serbia as an independent entity, helps companies do business and invest in Serbia. SIEPA provides foreign investors with the research and resources to make informed decisions and successfully execute investments. The Agency provides importers of Serbian goods and services with practical help in getting what they need, as efficiently as possible.

O3one won the 2005 BIZART award, established by the Ministry of Culture – Republic of Serbia, for the most successful partnership between cultural and business sectors in Serbia:: To continue with building up this strategic partnership module, and also to foster the direction towards a new discourse in contemporary art and culture, O3one has started a set of discursive events within the program entitled art-e-conomy::

Art-e-conomy is an international collaborative research and educational working platform, initiated with an attempt to re-think the ideas behind the economy of art and the aesthetic dimensions of social and economic transformations in the post-socialist Eastern European situation. Institutions, organizations, companies, and individuals willing to join the upcoming editions of art-e-conomy are kindly requested to contact us.

:: TUESDAY:: APRIL 11th, 2006:: 14:00h::

Aleksandar Miloradović, PR
SIEPA – Agency for foreign investments and export promotion:: Belgarde