Jean Baptiste Sauvage

April 13th - 19th, 2006

French artist Jean-Baptiste Sauvage will present to the Belgrade audience with a series of photographs, prints and video works realized in the last two years. Sauvage’s work is mainly based on site-specific interventions that are later subject to his photographs. His analytical approach to the spatial situation, which he sometimes seizes and sometimes demands, is characterized by an inherent re-examination of the character of entry into that space, whether it is a visual or physical entry; these entries are divided into “aggression” and “slipping”, while the spaces they visit can be “protected”, “confronting”, “open”, etc. Sauvage lives in Saint-Etienne, France, where, apart from professional practice, he also works as a professor of screen printing at Ecole des Beaux-Arts et Design, Saint-Etienne. He has exhibited at several solo and group exhibitions in Mexico, Rwanda, Marseille, Canada, Lyon, Grenoble, Barcelona. Artistic selection: Michael Milunović.

The exhibition is supported by the French Cultural Center Belgrade and the French Cultural Center Podgorica in cooperation with the National Museum of Montenegro.

Jean Baptiste SAUVAGE
April 13th – 19th, 2006
opening: Thursday, 13/04/2006 at 19:00h