Arts + Business Partnerships

Alice Sachs Zimet
June 10th, 2006

On the occasion of her visit to Belgrade, O3ONE has invited Ms. Alice Sachs Zimet, the President of Arts + Business Partnerships from New York, USA to give a workshop on issues of corporate marketing and sponsorship. Being an expert in these fields, Ms. Zimet will specifically focus on the ways how arts groups and corporations can work together to deliver benefits to both partners.  Known for intensive hands-on “Sponsorship Bootcamp”, she is a pioneer and a 25-year veteran in sponsorship marketing in the United States. Alice has built a power-packed Rolodex of personal relationships with high-profile corporations and the world’s leading cultural institutions. Working for 20 years at The Chase Manhattan Bank (hired by David Rockefeller), she created the first Cultural Affairs Marketing Group in a bank. Here, she used the arts to brand Chase globally and to generate over $2 billion in new business. Alice founded Arts + Business Partnerships in 1999 to consult on issues of corporate marketing and sponsorship. Her experience combines high culture to pop culture, for-profit and non-profit, and a stellar global reputation built on honesty, energy, loyalty, and results.

Alice Sachs ZIMET :: President of Arts + Business Partnerships [] and Art Historian based in New York [B.A. – Syracuse University, M.A. – New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts], previously engaged with institutions such as Metropolitan Museum of Art, International Center of Photography, and American Federation of Arts. She also worked with the most prominent performing and visual arts groups worldwide, including Tony Bennett, Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, Kiri Te Kanawa, and Frederica von Stade. She is also a photography collector who voted as “one of the 100 most important people in photography” by American Photo Magazine. Besides her regular seminars [Columbia University, New York University, and University of Pennsylvania] and guest lecturing at conferences in the United States and abroad, she is training at the U.S. Department of State for Cultural Attaches at American Embassies how to partner with corporations.

transitional economies and art – theory and practice of contemporary global production
art-e-conomy is an international interdisciplinary research and educational working platform, initiated with an attempt to re-think the ideas behind the economy of art and the intersection of cultural, economic and business conditions in the processes of globalization. In the local context, art-e-conomy opens up the issues of contemporary cultural production and the aesthetic dimensions of social and economic transformations in the post-socialist Eastern European situation. This especially refers to the state of the contemporary art system in the South East of Europe perceived from the “neighborhood-perspective” toward the European Union, and exclusively through the issues dealing with economics and the way in which society is generally structured and how it functions; more precisely, art-e-conomy intends to pose questions about the logic of the market economy and the way it influences the structure of a contemporary global society, through two precise theoretical and political coordinates: one of them being recognized within a pattern pertaining to the contemporary global capitalism, another one – to the post-socialist (Eastern European) transition. Curated by Marko Stamenković.

O3ONE is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization founded in 2004 to support contemporary visual arts and cultural production emerging in the new market economies. O3ONE production includes exhibitions, installations, festivals, electronic media, design, photography, video, performance, architecture, fashion, science, new technologies. O3ONE is primarily known for a dynamic exhibition program (with a centrally positioned exhibition space located in the exclusive downtown area, next to the Federal Parliament and Belgrade City Hall, at 12h, Andrićev Venac no.12), where various discursive public programs (presentations, lectures, workshops, conference-related events, and promotions) also take place on an ongoing basis. O3ONE is primarily committed to cultural and intellectual diversity with a focus on contemporary art practices, thus enriching the cultural landscape in the city of Belgrade and the production climate in Serbia. O3ONE, being oriented toward project-based cultural initiatives, serves as a multimedia working platform open to all creative and innovative actors operating in the various communicative fields of culture, economics, business, and media, both locally and internationally. O3ONE is the winner of two significant awards: GALLERY OF THE YEAR 2005 (by TV Metropolis) and the BIZART Grand Prix 2005 (by The Ministry of Culture – Republic of Serbia) for the most successful partnership between cultural and business sectors in Serbia.