Art Booking

Jasmina Holbus
June 18th, 2006

Art booking is one evening charity event that will be held within the O3ONE Soundbridging program on Sunday, June 18th, at 21h. The project is a synthesis of poetry, video and audio installation, with the idea of connecting words, symbols, sounds, and visitors.

The project aims to enroll in the global cultural map of the arts that emerged in the medium with a basic expression of poetic language, without translating it into different languages of the world, but transposing it to universal artistic media, which do not require the method of classical transcription. The project author: Jasmina Holbus
The composition author: Nadina Dromnjaković
Editing: Marko Stoimenov
Glass: Periša Perišić
Glass: Miodrag Miša Jovanović


1. Predrag Radovančević, percussionist
2. Dragan Novković, sound design
3. Janko Maraš (2nd-year student of AVT section VETŠ), Recording, assembly, and mix of sound
4. Ing. Mirko Milošević, tech support
5. Viša Elektrotehnička Škola, audio production (studio AVT )
6. Andrej Marić, video live, assembly
7. Radomir Stamenković, light design
8. Dorjan Kolundžija, tech support
9. PIGGY production, video production and post-production/DVD catalog/

“Audio and video installation inspired by the poetic potency of the poetry collection ‘Puzzle’, builds a three-dimensional book with spatial connectivity. The narratives of the poetry book have been translated into an abstract form of architectural setting by juxtaposition: Picture – WORD; Sound – TEXT; Observer – PARTICIPANT. The intention is for the poetically visible Word to return to the initial movement of thoughts in reality.

Spatial interconnection of video and sound installation thematically we create a puzzle, wrapped with sounds and letters, as well as from the characters of the observer. The narration of space is realized by moving the observer through space as well as in the abstract geometry of the space itself. An observer passes through the same participant, Poet’s “I”.

The synchronism of the real and the imaginary hides in the spiral time of the present moment.”

Jasmina Holbus

Narrative walkthrough spatial units of audio and video installations.

1. Tunnel/exterior gallery and spacious whole:

– prefabricated scaffolding ( 10 m x 2.5 m x 2.5 m)
– white canvas ( cover surface of the scaffold 75 m2)
– logo of the sponsor (print on the foil – positioned towards the street side of the scaffold)
– I sound installation – (5) + 1 sound system

2. Interior of the gallery 2nd spatial unit:

– projector with equipment ( size 2.2 m x 3.6m – 2) rear projection
– DVD- player with two video outputs or computer
– scaffolding for projector – 1
– two silver sheets ( size 2.2 m x 3.6m ) in total 16 m2
– mini DV camera
– II sound installation – (5) + 1 sound system

3. Interior of the gallery III spatial unit:

– 4 mac. computers & 4 networked monitors
– networking with a video camera (live the image of the observer in the space)
– III sound installation – (5) + 1 sound system

4. Interior of the gallery IV spatial unit:

– III sound installation – (5) + 1 sound system
– video projector with equipment (1)
– projector canvas (or Gallery wall)
– computer with video output for graphics processing live images

(with JITER program)

1. mini DV camera