…any doubts?

Marija Simeunović
June 1st - 6th, 2006

…any doubts? is a project by Marija Simeunović, engineer of Architecture and a student of Interdisciplinary postgraduate studies at the University of Arts Belgrade. With this project, the author will finish her studies at the group of Scene Design. The project is examining the problems of the globalization process in the field of work and social psychology in the new investment climate, which is defined by foreign investments.  The format of the project is the exhibition – installation in the Gallery Space. The concept of the exhibition has been developed during participation of the author at the postgraduate interdisciplinary program Transnational Spaces – Bauhaus Kolleg VI, Bauhaus Foundation [Dessau, Germany] and the stay in India (2004/2005). Research of call centers phenomena was done in Kolkata. Due to low-cost efficiency, call centers are outsourced from the United States, Australia, and England to India. The Government of West Bengal, an Indian state where Kolkata is situated is trying to attract foreign investments as much as possible by improving infrastructure, building business centers and following Western standards. Phenomena of call centers outsourcing was a starting point for the research which besides the author included an international group of architects and engineers from Italy, Germany and India (Fabrizia Berlingieri, Axel Grischow, Sumit Diwan, Shashank Misra), whose projects will also be presented as a guest-exhibition program of …Any doubts project at O3one Gallery. The research resulted in the impression that most of the employees are very satisfied with their work because it gives them the impression that they belong to the exclusive group (high salaries offer special opportunities: they often receive coupons for most expensive restaurants and clubs).

…any doubts? project is a scenic installation which by using different formats and approaches, succeeds to detect and visualize (in)visible influences of foreign investments in the call centers industry in the specific spatial and social context of Kolkata. Today, we could detect the same phenomena in the context of Belgrade and Serbia. The following program of …any doubts? The exhibition will happen in the format of web conference and discussion about outsourcing strategies, foreign investments, and new business organizations and the influences they have on local cultural and business identity. The idea is that local experts of telecommunications, the Internet, economy, business, and culture take place at the following event.

…any doubts? / …da li je sve jasno?
exhibition :: presentation :: conference :: publication
June 1st – 3rd, 2006 >> opening at 20h