PC Museum

June 26th - 30th, 2006

Although it belongs to one of the youngest technology branches, informatics is progressing so fast and becoming a part of everyday life that we have come to the point when it is possible to summarize some results, underline the line and see what has been done so far. The PC Magazine has launched the “PC Museum” action in which it will collect and exhibit exhibits that marked the development of computers, the computer industry and information technologies in our region over the past several decades. Thanks to a several-month campaign carried out in the magazine, many valuable exhibits were collected. All exhibits will be donated to the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade, and the exhibition with the most valuable parts of the collection will be held in O3ONE from June 26th – 30th. With the Action Create PC Museum, more than 100 exhibits have been collected, as 30 years old, still in use, hardware, numerous software, the first notebook models, and the entire collection will be donated to the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade after the exhibition in O3ONE. In addition to the exhibits, the PC Museum project also includes a series of multimedia content, to which the time of the first electronic devices will come to life in O3ONE. Also, lectures of experts from these fields will be held daily, which will complete the picture of the development and possibilities of the computer industry:

June 26th, at 18h
Presentation of old generation computers through the recollection of discussion tools: for Spectrum or Commodore?

June 27th, at 18h
Communication before the Internet, using computer communications as the only free source of information.

June 28th, at 18h
Beginning of computer animation.

June 29th, at 18h
Computer games.

O3ONE:: June 26th – 30th, 2006.