5th International Art Camp Kosjerić

July 31st, 2006

It is a pleasure to invite you on behalf of the K-Town Group for a cocktail dedicated to our project The Fifth International Art Camp in Kosjerić, August 2nd – 15th, 2006. There will be an opportunity to introduce you to this traditional summer program devoted to young people worldwide.

The K-Town art camp is designed to bring youth from Serbia and other countries together to study art in a beautiful rural Serbian setting. Kosjerić citizens host the international visitors in this historic, scenic town and picturesque rural area. Part of the program involves interaction among international visitors and citizens at workshops, public events, and performances. The camp also includes a special program in doll-making and theatre for children. The camp is lead by national and international art specialists in music, writing, painting, and media. Until this date, over ninety youth from twenty-six countries have participated in the Kosjeric summer program.

more info: www.ktowngroup.org.yu/artcamp