Centar Le Cube

July 13th - 22nd, 2006

Le Cube Center is the first space devoted only to digital art. The mission of the center is to inform and educate the audience about the use of information and communication technologies in the field of art and culture. Far from seeing digital technology, an end in itself, Le Cube wants to show that it is an instrument of acquiring knowledge and culture, an instrument of expression and creation. Le Cube is closely linked with contemporary changes in the field of creation, provides a space for reflection, experiment, and production, in the focus of which digital technology and the challenges it poses to modern society.

First contact / The Digital Art Festival is an interactive city festival. The public exhibition in the city center supports the installation of interactive installations located in, for this occasion, specially designed and constructed urban multimedia furniture. Works by contemporary French artists working in the field of digital art and new media will be presented (Catherine Ikam, and Louis Fléri, Michel Jaffrennou, Vincent Lévy, Pierre Bongiovanni, Joseph Rabie, Thierry Coduys, Florent Aziosmanoff, Du Zhenjun, Marie-Hélène Tramus, and Michel Bret). These works in a unique way involve the audience in interaction with the virtual characters that are triggered and reacted to the viewer. These characters become thus new residents or visitors to the city who engage in his life through interaction with citizens in public spaces.

FIRST CONTACT, an exhibition in the Belef framework and cooperation with the French Cultural Center and Le Cube Center for New Media from Paris

O3ONE:: July 13th – 22nd, 2006.