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Cris Faria & Lukas Mettler
August 5th, 2006

Inspired by Art Basel, the most prestigious art fair both in Switzerland and abroad (along with its twin-counterpart Art Basel Miami Beach, USA), the first edition of Art Basel Geneva took place in Geneva on June 2005, simultaneously with the famous art fair in Basel. Using the official Art Basel corporate identity, the artists produced a wall painting of the Art Basel Geneva logotype (the only work on display) and turned the exhibition hall into a foggy environment full of artificially produced smoke. The information about the event was submitted to all the Art Basel member-galleries, invited to attend the opening.  The idea about the project emerged as a reaction towards the Institution of Art Fairs and their continuous worldwide expansion. The project focuses on intersections between financial and institutional extensions, the « prosthetic » character of global art production, and relations inherent to the business environment of contemporary art worlds where art, money, and power are brought together. With an intention to reflect the current situation behind such a relationship, while creating an art event pertaining to the logic of new market economy and its rules, Art Basel Geneva converts a business event into a social spectacle, where the glamorous atmosphere, dilemmas, and paradoxes of a cloudy art world are faced by a single message on the wall, a comment and modest inversion of meaning.

Art Basel Geneva Belgrade is the second edition of Art Basel Geneva, realized in August 2006 at O3ONE Gallery in Belgrade (Serbia).

CRIS FARIA (*1975)
Born in Salvador, Bahia (Brazil), lives and works in Geneva (Switzerland). He started as a student of art history at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Universidade Federal da Bahia, in 2000. In the period 2001-2005 he continues his education at the Multimedia Departement of ESBA – École supérieure des beaux-arts de Genève. Exhibitions: ART BASEL GENEVA BELGRADE, O3ONE Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, 2006; Les Lois de l’hospitalité, École supérieure des beaux-arts de Genève, Switzerland, 2005; MEDIAREALITE, Palais de l’Athénée, Geneva, Switzerland 2005; DEHORS, Atelier Carmen Perrin (ESBA), Villa Bernasconi, Geneva, Switzerland, 2004.

Born in Bern, lives, and works in Geneva (Switzerland). Started his career as an architecture design apprentice at Atelier Oï, La Neuveville, Switzerland (1998-2002), followed by the graphic design preparatory course at École Cantonale D’art de Lausanne (2002-2003). Since 2003 has studied multimedia art at ESBA – École supérieure des beaux-arts de Genève. Member of Cellule GmbH, the design and architecture collective in Zürich. Exhibitions: ART BASEL GENEVA BELGRADE, O3ONE Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, 2006; PHOTO-TRAFIC, BAC+3, Centre de Photographie de Genève, Centre D’art Contemporain de Genève, Switzerland, 2006; A PRIORI, Galerie Heroik Korp, Lyon, France, 2006; MEDIAREALITE, Palais de l’Athénée, Geneva, Switzerland, 2005; INTERNATIONAL NIHILIST FILM FESTIVAL, Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica (USA), 2004; TRANSFORMATOR, Sodium, Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Bern, Switzerland, 2004; FIL ROUGE 03, Galerie & Edition Steiner, Erlach, Switzerland, 2003; UNE FENETRE SUR LA MONDE ARTISTIQUE VAUDOIS, BCV-ART, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2003.

Art Basel Geneva is an on-going art project by Lukas Mettler (CH) and Cris Faria (BR), both living and working in Geneva, Switzerland.