ARTPOOL Budapest

Peter Fuchs
August 18th, 2006

Art Historian based in Budapest (Hungary). Researcher in the Artpool Art Research Center []. Educated in Art Theory and Media Studies at the Faculty of Humanities (Eötvös Lóránd University Budapest). He has been giving lectures on new and digital media at the same department in the last two years, as well as at the Hungarian Independent Media Center (the art of the 20th century and contemporary art). He used to work as a computer game designer (2000/02) and started to host and edit his show on computer games and digital media for the Hungarian State Television (since 2003). He has also been engaged with Tranzit – the international art initiative (the Budapest branch office) and the Ludwig Museum – Contemporary Art Museum in Budapest since 2004 (where he is now working as a program coordinator). He is pursuing his M.A. degree at the moment, working on the subject of aesthetic approach towards historically constructed national identities (especially its relation to the representation of tools of destruction – different weapons of war as purely aesthetic objects). ARTPOOL ART RESEARCH CENTER
The Artool Art Research Center focuses its research and documentation activities on the new trends of contemporary art, the various new media, as well as on the relations between society and art, or between art and everyday life. Artpool is a non-profit institution housing a public library and archives, including sound and video recordings. Its main agenda is the research and theoretical analysis of the changes and results appearing in the recent trends of the Hungarian and the international art scene. Artpool hopes to elicit the creation of new artistic values through organizing different exhibitions and lectures and through information provided via the Artpool web pages. The unique collection of sources available to the public at Artpool Art Research Center covers 400 meters of shelving (ca. 10,000 books and catalogs, 1,000 periodicals, 1,500 audio cassettes, LPs and CDs, 350 videotapes, 500 posters, 7,000 photos, and 2,000 slides). The archives and the library house primarily documents relating to the Hungarian avant-garde art movements of the ’70s and ’80s, as well as sources on the new international art trends of the past 30 years. Artpool is the only place in Hungary today to offer such a wealth of sources on this period and these genres.

:: ARTPOOL Budapest:: curatorial presentation
Peter Fuchs/Budapest
:: August 18th, 2006, at 18:00h