We are the team

August 21st - 26th, 2006

Before the European Water Polo Championship, which will be held on September 1st – 10th, in Belgrade, the Sports Museum, in cooperation with the Waterpolo Association of Serbia and Montenegro, is organizing the exhibition “We are the team”. The exhibition will showcase the history of water polo in Serbia, as the most famous sport in our area. The setting includes photographs, exhibits, films related to the most significant successes, archival material, and documentation, balls, etc..

The exhibition author: Marija Stojić
The exhibition organization: Snežana Milojković
The exhibition coordinator: Doc. Dr. Darko Mitrović
Organization: Museum of Sport

(Faculty of Sport and Physical Education – Belgrade) The Sports Museum of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education keeps over 70,000 valuable exhibits. From the oldest exhibits – bone skates from neolith, fencing equipment from the 18th century, oil on canvas “The first Serbian society for gymnastics and fighting”- by Stevan Todorović from 1857, cups, medals, legacies of our most prominent sports workers and other objects, it is considered that this museum preserves treasures of priceless values.

The museum collection is formed in 1947, and since 1979 it has been transformed into the Museum and is located in the basement premises of the Faculty. The museum was mostly used for teaching purposes, and unfortunately, due to the flood that destroyed the premises for several years, it was not operational.

Last year, in 2005, the Museum started to work again and, thanks to the National Museum from Belgrade, Musem entered the museum information system of Serbia. Exhibitions of the Sports Museum are just an introduction to the “Renewal of the Sports Museum” campaign, which aims to provide adequate space for the Museum, as well as the inclusion of famous athletes in the work of the museum.

An initiative was launched by the Serbian Government to get adequate space for not only permanent and occasional exhibits but also the Olympic academies, scientific meetings, seminars, projections of sports films, press conferences. Within such a museum, other places related to history, art, and sports could be found in their place.

In 2007, the Sports Museum celebrates two great jubilees – 60 years since the founding of the Museum, and 150 years since the founding of the First Serbian Gymnastics and Fighting Society. We hope that we will celebrate jubilees in the given space.

The museum has planned to follow all major sports events in the country and the world, as well as marking the anniversaries of sports associations and other associations. Through its unique combination of artistic and sporting values, the Sports Museum provides a special contribution and significance in the history of sports in this region. Sport and art are the areas of social life in which our nation has reached the most reach.

The first project of the new Sports Museum was the exhibition “110 Years of Football in Serbia”, which was opened in the City Assembly of Belgrade May 27th – 31st, 2006. In cooperation with the Football Association of Serbia, a solemn academy was organized, book promotion and an exhibition opened by Mr. Slobodan Vuksanović, Minister of Education and Sports. The opening was attended by all football officials as well as the entire national team.

This exhibit was also included in the content of the program that represented our country in Germany during the Football World Cup. The Museum of Sport from Belgrade presented the film related to the exhibition in Belgrade at the Ethnographic Museum in Hamburg, and in Billerbeck. The exhibition was opened from June 9th till June 18th this year.

:: WE ARE THE TEAM:: exhibition
:: August 21st – 26th, 2006

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