VI Bijenale Scenskog Dizajna

September 25th - 30th, 2006

The Biennial Accent is on new technologies in performing arts. After the reconstruction of a large number of Belgrade theaters and entering the reconstruction of a large number of theaters in Serbia, the work on training employees for creative and technical challenges is provided by new digital technologies and the convergence of traditional scenography with electronic media. That is why the program of this Biennial is mainly educational, directed towards young designers and technicians to present this technological novelty in our stages. Thus, the very natural cooperation that O3ONE accomplishes with the Museum of Applied Arts, as the project bearer of the VI Biennial of Scenario Design. The exhibition of students of the Faculty of Applied Arts Scenography section, under the mentorship of our prominent scenographers Todor Lalić, Geroslav Zarić, and Jasna Dragović motivated by the intention of the Biennial to encourage faster and more direct involvement of young designers in the stage production.

September 25th, at 19h: Opening of the exhibition of student works of the FPU Scenography Design Department

September 26th, at 16h: lecture “40 years of technical production Bitef”,

Todor Lalicki (Technical Director/scenographer), and Mile Radulović (Technical Director)

September 17th, at 16h: lecture “Methods of using technology in the theater”
Arpad Šiling, theater editor/Hungary/

September 28th, at 16h: lecture “New technologies in Serbia via Užice”
Andrea Paćoto, theater editor (Italy), and Mia David-Zarić, architect and scenographer (Serbia)

September 29th, at 16h: lecture “Technical production of a complex stage event – case study: EXIT Festival“
Ivan Milivojev, manager, Momčilo Berar, and Zoran Matić, technical producers

VI Biennale of stage design
:: September 25th – 30th, 2006.