HTMlles Festival

EXPORT 2 [06]
October 21st, 2006

*BIOTEKNICA is an ongoing collaborative art/research project investigating the ethics and aesthetics at the intersection of art and the biological sciences. Jennifer Willet will present Bioteknica’s most recent developments in the laboratory.
An independent initiative, The Upgrade! Belgrade is a monthly gathering for those interested in technology art and new technologies. As part of a global network of such initiatives, The Upgrade! Belgrade works to promote art’s potential for creating statements that will significantly improve the Serbian society through the facilitation of communication and mobility for artists.

HTMlles Festival

The HTMlles Festival is an ongoing project of StudioXX, Montreal, Canada’s foremost women’s digital resource center, in operation since 1995. The HTMlles Festival started as an annual event focused on the position of women in cyberspace, has now evolved to become an international biennial project which includes all facets of new media and web art technologies. The Montreal events now stand as a globally-known meeting place for women and feminists working in creative digital mediums and the addition of circulation projects has created an international network for Canadian and international new media artists. The tour is comprised of visits to 3 cities: Belgrade (Serbia), Sofia (Bulgaria), and Istanbul (Turkey). All events are open to the public, including the interactive workshops. The complete program of events at

In Belgrade HTMlles EXPORT 2 [06] is co-produced by curator Maia Ciric [Upgrade! Belgrade ] and Miroslav Karic [Remont Independent Art Organization/Magazine] and hosted by O3ONE Gallery and Kontekst Young Artists Center.

The local presenters include Anica Vučetić, Zana Poliakov, Nataša Teofilović, and Aleksandra Jovanić.