BookMarker Magazine Promotion

October 9th, 2006

BookMarker is a new magazine about books, intended for a wide reading public, as well as for those who deal with books professionally. For this, the magazine is designed in a way to reconcile a popular and an expert approach to the literary area from the thematic and style standpoints. Besides the interviews with the writers (Vida Ognjenović, Tracy Chevallie), the world`s and domestic bestseller lists, presenting a library-lover (Duško Vujošević), the texts on genre`s literature (memoirs), libraries (the library of Zaječar), historical and art grounds of the writings (My name is Crveno/Red by Orhan Panič), selection of the books from the latest publishing production, BookMarker also reveals what the minister in the Government of the Republic of Serbia read, and how Teofil Pančić appreciates the works of domestic literature and what is currently in the literary public eye of France, Italy, Germany, and of Spain. The first issue of BookMarker exclusively publishes the story “Radni Sto Radovana Belog Markovića” by a famous writer Mihajlo Pantić.

BookMarker is to be published once a month.

The magazine editor is Gorica Zarić Jovanović; the journalists are Nataša Marković, Dijana Mitrović, and Ivan Bevc, and design and photography are signed by Hominid studio.

The publisher is: Lobi press

:: The promotion of the magazine BookMarker
:: Monday, Oktober 9th, 2006, at 19:00h