Another Day of Life

November 21st - 30th, 2006

“In 2003, a Romani-English dictionary in hand, I set out to the Balkan peninsula with the assignment to photograph the lives of the Roma, the people popularly known as gypsies.  I wandered from one community to another, stayed for a while, left and then returned. We saw days come and go, and I photographed them, my days and theirs. Surrounded by an air of mystery, the Roma leaves nobody untouched. They are looked upon as fascinating and exotic, the prejudices are sundry. My wish is that what you shall see in my photographs, before anything else, are human beings: your sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons. And of course, yourself—it could very well have been you. And you would not have liked the way the majority population treated you. You would not have been impressed by how “your country” does not stand up for you. You would have been gravely disappointed that your job opportunities are so limited. You would have wondered why basic human rights do not apply to you.

These pictures tell the story of what I saw during my travels—Another day of life”.
Johan Lundberg

Another Day of Life
Photographic documentation of the Roma people in the Western Balkans by Johan Lundberg
Johan Lundberg * ANOTHER DAY OF LIFE in Romanpien

The exhibition is open from November 21st – 30th, 2006
Opening on Tuesday, November 21st, at 20h