Promotion of children book “MOZART”

November 28th, 2006

Mozart, a wunderkind, has hissed through the Earth as a shining comet leaving to us his notes, sonnets, concerts, operas, and music. With 5 years of age, he started creating his first works of art heralding the full scope of his genius. In this book, Cristophe Konieczny talks whereas Sergei Gutan illustrates the story about his life, turbulent, energetic, as his compositions are. The foreword has been written by Francis Huster who emerges deeply into Mozart’s genius and his life. He invites readers to rediscover that marvelous gift of love for man that is dormant in his work and each of us as well. This flamboyantly colored book accompanied by the CD gives tributes to beauty, music, youth, peace. MOZART.