Lana Vasiljević
November 1st - 12th, 2006

The usual signs we see in public spaces tell us where to go, what to do and how to recognize a certain product.
Contrary to that, using only the language of advertising I am moving towards a new dimension in which there are no explicit messages and that holds no aggression of recommendations. There is only a subjective recognition in certain circumstances in which there are new signs which depict identity, desire, social surroundings, absence… They have a pretense to give a definitive model of behavior or perception of reality since the subjective does not exist outside of our perception. Continuing the work on the Signposts project, commenced in Vienna in 2002, I am studying the direct relationship between images and words, trying to find an “ideal” combination where they would explain and identify each other.

The works are realized through a form of circular light boxes inside of which photographs of people, places, objects, events, and situations are placed. They are connected with words, which give them a certain significance. The observer, as well as the author, is a measure for all exhibited. Since there are no universal truths and every projection is subjective, there is no one formula by which the image and word are recognized. There is an atmosphere/ ambiance which appears in a spontaneous creative process and gives the object its fullness and potential for a varied perception.

Some of these objects look like – a moment, a paused second in the state of a fetus; selection and closure of reality that can alter its meaning. I am using photography which tends to most realistically describe the individuality of the object. The paradox is that the sense of individuality cannot be encapsulated in a photograph. That is why I used text as support to visual information and this process of momentary communication is parallel to contemporary advertising.

To what extent are matters relative and where does the abstract subjective become objective for the observer?



Lana Vasiljević was born in 1973, Belgrade.

Graduated sculpture at Faculty of Fine Arts, 1996, where she got an MA degree two years later, in the class of professor Mrđan Bajić. Exhibited in more than twenty group exhibitions in Yugoslavia and abroad (Belgrade, New York, Vienna, Paris, Den Haag…). Had six solo exhibitions (Signposts, Remont Gallery, Belgrade; Pillowbook, Tuin Gallery, The Hague; As serious as…/ Tribeca, New York; Diversion2, Arnaud Lefebvre Gallery, Paris, etc.).

Her projects are marked by professional and private journeys. Four most significant are:

* Pariz – Arnaud Lefebvre Gallery 1998/1999
* New York – ArtsLink Residency program, CEC International Partners, 1999/2000
* Tokyo – 2001
* Bec – KulturKontakt, Austria Residency program, 2002

He is a winner of the “38th October Salon Annual” exhibition, 1997 and GRIFFON award for visual identity, 2006.

He is a member of ULUS and PULCHRI Art Association (Holland).

Solo exhibition of Lana Vasiljević

(November 1st – 12th, O3ONE)

The exhibition is open from November 1st – 12th, 2006
The opening ceremony on November 4th, 2006, at 20h