Belgrade Witty Map

December 26th, 2006

The Belgrade Witty Map will be presented at the O3ONE Art Space. The presentation will be open for public, but all persons interested may contact the organizers by e-mail: typical maps, the Belgrade Witty Map brings a unique combination of Belgrade city map and a guide to the best places in town and events not to be missed. It is this mixture of elements that gives a completely new touch to the map, providing quick and easy access to all relevant information for both visitors and locals. For the first time, you can spare yourself of annoying search through an often confusing table of contents with a bunch of needless information. The Belgrade Witty Map offers easy-to-find illustrations that communicate with the reader quickly and funnily.

Apart from the official information, the map also offers additional suggestions, made especially for visitors who only make a short stay in town, so they don’t have much time to get to feel its spirit. One of the first impressions that you get when you look at the map is its clever and jolly layout, which serves to cheer up people and make them set out to the city in a positive mood.

However, what makes this map so special and attractive is its charming and funny modern design, adapted to the needs of today’s tourists and travelers. The map is filled with attractive illustrations, all of which are unique creations, made in cheerful and lively colors. The authors wanted to bury the image of the city as gray and dirty once and for all, and instead to present a new, fresh and refined visual identity of Belgrade.

December 26th, 2006, at 18h, the O3ONE Gallery
Promotion of Belgrade Witty Map. The promotion will be open to the general public, and those interested can contact the organizers via e-mail