Nataša Bajc
December 25th - 28th, 2006

The exhibition represents the exploration of the computer-simulated morphogenesis, using mathematical models for a biological formal generation. It presents samples of the body of work that occupies a new space of authorship, in collaboration with computational algorithms in unfolding ontology for the potential worlds. The lecture will be focusing on the influence of the new technological achievements, computation as well as research in bioengineering and mathematics and their repercussions on architecture and formal systems.

Natasha Bajc is a researcher and teacher of architecture with the interest in rule-based computational systems. She is a principal of Code Design Studio and a founding member of the Institute for Genetic Architecture at Columbia University. Ms.Bajc graduated from the University of Beograd School of Architecture 1995 and holds a Master of Architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles; Ca. Natasha has taught at Sci-Arc, Cal Poly Pomona and has been a guest reviewer on many other schools. She is currently based in Santa Monica, Ca.

Protoarchitecture, Nataša Bajc
December 25th – 28th, 2006, Opening at 19h