Serbian “Hygiene rubber” League 2006/2007.

December 8th - 10th, 2006

“Hygiene rubber, as it was called, the people of Serbia have called Kurton. This would not be a bother by itself if all of a sudden we have not created an adjective of this word and stick it to every person who does not fit our standards and does not share our values. Bit by bit, the people have adopted the word condom for hygiene rubber and Serbian word Kurton has irreversibly become etiquette distributed without criteria to everyone we did not like. In the book of our specificities, we have written one more thing which distinguished us from the others. Our virtuosic ability to downgrade and speak badly about anyone we do not like has reached its peak with the word Kurton. We are the only people who have made a bad word out of one that can save our lives. It is not familiar that anyone, except Croats, who are linguistically similar to us, has the word as we have Kurton or the word of other similar transformed meaning. How is it exactly that we understand the connotative meaning of the word Kurton, take a look in this album.”

Serbian Kurton League 2006/2007.
December 8th – 10th, 2006.
Opening on Friday, December 8th, at 19h

Within the JAZAS Youth Campaign, 110 caricatures presented in the album “Serbian Kurton League 2006/2007”