Marko Stojanović
January 26th - 31st, 2007

Marko Stojanovic

x˝Art food-eat art˝ is a project which I have started around September 2004. The main idea was a luxury restaurant menu. In front of you, on a plate, you can see the food-remake of masterpieces of the most famous and most popular artists, which I have personally made combining different food ingredients (fruits, vegetables, pasta, etc.). When one orders each meal, he/she does it, by ordering a masterpiece of an AUTHOR – ARTIST, not by MEAL TYPE, without having any idea what, in fact, will he/she eat. The main purpose of this project would be a popularization and wide spreading of art knowledge among people through there “palate”.

As well as we know, music is heading directly in our being, but from now on, visual art can be consumed directly, to and through our body. Depending on your metabolism it will stay in you, for some time, while your stool becomes artistically shaped. Finally, you are not only eating, processing and re-creating chosen masterpiece but also having the pleasure which could be explained as DOUBLE DIP: you choose 2 artists, the one who created the masterpiece and me, who have made its food remake. You are what you eat!

Though at first, it seems that the creative approach is different, it is not. I am using the same hands, thoughts, brain, and the same books and painting principals. I am opening various 20th Century History’s of Art and I am choosing what I am cooking today. Creatively upgraded cookbook! Relations you obtain are a combination of surface, textures and ultimate appearance of your meal. Something, which can be compared with embroidery; you have a scheme, but you are free to choose how and what ingredients will best express the original masterpiece. Why shouldn’t we learn from Maliević when he says how much of a white he needs around famous SQUARE if we can use the same amount of white shredded coco pieces around squared chocolate fudge. Those are the only rules which we have to follow. While I am in a grocery store I am choosing spices as pigments. Saffron as Pollock’s yellow, rice and caviar as a Maliević multi-layered white and black, creams for Wool. If tempera is not poisonous, then we can paint with food, too. If a white canvas is a surface, then a white porcelain plate is proper, too.

Apart from the main goal of this project, to popularize and demystify contemporary painting, it, also, erases borders between food for a soul and food for a body! The importance of any of those can’t be measured. Nevertheless, I am offering an initial point, breakthrough, but each of you will continue on your own. Join Artistic Food Movement – eat The Art!

My idea was to present each piece in medium-sized lightboxes that would recall on shiny windows of confectioner’s shop. While opening the exhibition we would serve some of the sweets from the collection, for example, Russian hat, whose shape would be changed from rounded to squared thus creating an artistically shaped cake.