Effective – From the Beginning to the End
January 9th - 11th, 2007


The Refoto magazine contest – “Effect”, was made possible through the help of the “Direct Link” enterprise, “Lexmark” company, and the “O3one” Gallery. Even though every beginning is difficult, our contest managed to draw attention. However, what is even more important is the fact that the awards gave additional motivation to the authors to continue photographing and submitting their works.

To be honest, we were surprised by the success of the competition, the theme of which was “Effect”, because we expected the traditional themes to be far more accessible. Nevertheless, the participants used their photographs to prove that imagination and freedom of mind are the most creative and the most important aspects of an artist’s personality. Authors demonstrated their creativity not only in the post-production (where you could have witnessed their technical skill, as well as evidence that they have long ago mastered all the secrets, but also, along the way, managed to avoid the traps of the new, digital technologies) but many of them became distinct even in the very process of photographing, without abandoning the verified principles of the classical (analogue) photography. This way it became obvious that the technique itself is not important, but that the priority lies in the idea and wit.

After several days of examining a large number of the submitted works, the panel selected the finalists. A wider choice of works will be presented in the form of a multimedia presentation at the exhibition, which is due to take place right after the New Year holidays, on January 9th, 2007, at the O3ONE Gallery.

Valuable prizes will be awarded by the representatives of “Lexmark” in Serbia, and “Direct Link” to the following participants: Vladimir Radosavljević, who got a Lexmark C522 colour laser printer; Slavoljub Macić, who, as the runner-up, got a Lexmark X8350 multi-function device; while the second runner-up, Jovan Njegović Drndak, got a Lexmark P450 inkjet printer. Congratulations to the winners! We would like to invite you to the exhibition and encourage you to participate in our new contests in the following year.