“Her Friend”

Photo Exhibition
February 12th - 17th, 2006

“Her Friend” campaign is dedicated to all the women who have been touched by breast cancer and to those who supported them during most difficult times, getting to know the illness and finding the best way to triumph over it. A breast cancer diagnosis is the beginning of a very emotional and often very frightening time. Women find themselves in a strange world, a world of unfamiliar medical terms and therapy. It is of great importance to know that they are not alone.

This project is conveying the special bond between women with breast cancer and the special family member or friend who comforted and accompanied them through the challenging days and nights from diagnosis to survivorship during the breast cancer journey.

February 12th, at 19h – the exhibition opening “Her friend”
February 14th, at 19h – Valentine’s Day party
February 15th, at 17h – children’s day
February 16th, at 19h – promotion of the book “Zašto baš ja?” by Gordana Zalad